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  2. Aprovechemos el paro para ver En Llamas.
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  4. Mermelada de botones.

  5. Bajo la protección de nuestro Señor. (?)

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    Deciding on which one of Jose Herrera's series to feature is not easy, the Madrid based stylist has quite an impressive body of work. Here's a series he did for Doze magazine in 2012, photographed by Toni Mateu.

  7. ancientfaces:

    Sibling Rivalry - 1800s Style

    Oh, the joys of sibling rivalry. It looks like sisters Ernestine, Mary, Martha & Augusta Kappen were trying to outdo each other with their hat choices! [ Original: Ernestine Mary Martha Augusta Kappen

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    Vedas - N. A. Cope and D. E. Arnold

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